Pine Bridge Training and Consulting Ltd (PBTC) is a professional training and consultancy firm specializing in consulting and training in the areas of finance and risk management. The firm has its offices located along Kindaruma Road, Kilimani. The firm’s objective is to meet the increasing need for customized risk training & consultancy within corporate organizations and has been existence since 2014.

Delivering Beyond

Our Mission
Support the transformation, growth and sustainability of organizations through effective Risk Management.

Our Vision
To be a respected Risk Management Consultant.

Pinebridge Training and Consulting Ltd is registered as a Training Provider with National Industrial Training Authority; NITA/TRN/1567.

Approved Trainer, Institute of Risk Management (UK)

In 2019, Pinebridge Training and Consulting Limited was licensed as the approved training provider for the Fundamentals of Risk Management (FoRM) for East Africa.  FoRM is a world renowned course developed and certified by the Institute of Risk Management in the United Kingdom and deployed through their various licensed providers globally.

The course teaches the theory and practice of Risk Management in line with the International Standard (ISO 31000) and industry best practice. To ensure that the course has a wider reach and relevance, PBTC is also offering FoRM-enhanced courses for different professionals meant to enrich the training experience for the participants through interactions with others within their profession and application of the new knowledge in their sector specific areas.

We have, so far, successfully delivered FoRM enhanced sessions in Risk-based Internal Audit and Supply Chain Management.